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You get extra points for being able to pronounce dumortierite with confidence - and even more for knowing that is is a semi-precious mineral primarily because of the rarity of high quality samples like this one.

It was found in the 1880s by the paleontologist Eugene Dumortier in the aluminium rich Rhone-Alps, and is typically primarily blue with beautiful additional colours due to inclusions of other minerals.

All the same, it has something of an underwater feel to it, don't you think?

We have now created a bespoke Precious Stones collection available here at a very significant discount on the original retail price.

They are printed in England, and normally delivered in less than 6 weeks, often 4 or 5 weeks. We'll notify you when it's about to be sent.

You save upto £150 on the retail price, and pay only a small premium on the website price of stocked scarves.

As this scarf is being produced exclusively for you, you will appreciate why bespoke orders cannot be cancelled prior to delivery, and returns are only accepted if delivery takes longer than stated, or there is a fault with the printing of the scarf.

Order now for delivery in the New Year.

£65 - £110

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