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Cezanne: Sous Bois

This painting (1894) by Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) combines an Impressionistic style with a detailed brush stroke for each leaf on the bushes and trees creating an image which is universally appealing yet typically Provençale.

In doing so, he links 19th century Impressionism with 20th century Cubism and increasingly abstract art. That's why both Matisse and Picasso described him as 'the father of us all'.

That's good to know, but as a scarf printed beautifully on silk it makes for a very fine and original accessory that, like it or not, many people will ask 'Love the scarf, but what's the design?' To be able to say 'I'm wearing a Cézanne' might prove a little unexpected.

The image frame is Weston Copper Daisy.

The image has been made available by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (

It is exclusive to Liberty London and this website.

  • 68 x 68 cms (27" x 27")
  • 100% pure silk
  • Printed in Italy near Lake Como
  • Dry clean only
1 in stock
£75.00 (175.00)

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