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Monet: Palazzo da Mula, Venice

This highly Impressionistic 1908 painting of the Mula Morosini palace captures all of the historic heritage and visual magic of Venice, despite being, in many ways, a simple subject - no gondolas, no Piazza San Marco, no domed churches.

But that's what Claude Monet (1846-1926) did: he dug deep down to discover the essence of a place. That's why he spent decades painting pond lilies in his garden in Giverny hundreds of times.

This marvellously evocative paintings typifies the Impressionist approach that has made Monet one of the world's favourite artists - and this into one of our favourite scarves.

It has to be seen, touched and worn to truly appreciate how beautiful it is both as a painting and scarf.

The image frame is a Weston Hibiscus Fossil Wood.

The image has been made available by courtesy of the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

It is exclusively available from Liberty London, and on this website.

  • 68 x 68 cms (27" x 27")
  • 100% pure silk
  • Printed in Italy near Lake Como
  • Dry clean only
4 in stock
£75.00 (175.00)

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