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Weston Earth Images

Coastal Jasper

Jasper has been a particularly valued mineral for over 7,000 years, yet nobody has ever seen jasper like this because - well, 7,000 years ago they didn't have computerised microscopes!

What is so wonderful about this image is that at the micro level jasper is at least as beautiful - but also so very different.

Whatever the science and history, it makes for a truly delightful silk scarf that to us looks something like an underwater rainbow. What do you think?

As ever, we wish we could show you the scarves in person as they look infinitely more beautiful when you can see and feel the quality of the silk, the richness of the digital printing, and the remarkable depth and breadth of colours in each and every one of them.

  • 90 x 10 cms (35" x 4")
  • 100% pure silk
  • Printed in Italy near Lake Como
  • Dry clean only
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