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Calcite Cutting Board

Calcite can be transparent or opaque and occasionally shows phosphorescence. E

In the past, experiments have even been conducted using calcite as a cloak of invisibility - you can guess with what success.

And who'd want to hide a cutting board as attractive as this?

Made from tempered (toughened) glass, these circular chopping boards are highly durable, heat resistant, and scratch proof.

Underneath there are four feet designed to prevent slippage on kitchen work surfaces, and on top a crisp, colourful finish completed by an attractive, and rather smart, slightly rippled effect.

They are circular, and a good, practical size with a diameter of 11.8” (30cms), and come well packaged to prevent damage in transit.    

  • Tempered, durable, heat resistant glass
  • 4 feet to prevent slippage
  • Slight ripple effect on surface
  • Crisp colours
  • Circular: 11.8” (30cms) in diameter
Over 10 in stock

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