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Obsidian Coaster

Obsidian Coaster

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  • Set of 4 identical coasters
  • 4" x 4" (10 x 10 cms)
  • 4mm thick with protective cork backing
  • Square shape, rounded corners
  • High gloss finish

This wonderful obsidian image makes for a beautiful and original set of 4 coasters

We love this dramatic, intense and fluid image created by rapidly cooling lava because that is what obsidian is: lava. From that you can understand the swirls of once liquified, high temperature lava, and its jet blackness coming from the colour of lava. In fact, it was called volcanic glass by Pliny.

This set of 4 identical 4" x 4" (10 x 10 cms) coasters have a square shape, rounded corners. a high gloss finish to make the image stand out, and a thick cork base to prevent slipping

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