Collection: Collections

We use Collections to help you find the natural designs that appeal most to you, and to keep it simple there are just five of them:

NEW ADDITIONS: we frequently update the scarves in this Collection, so do pop back now and again.

GEMS & MINERALS: at the heart of what we do are the natural designs we create from applying the latest technology - digital microscopes for example - to produce images that often cannot be seen by the human eye, even with well known gems like opal, turquoise and ruby.

EARTH & SPACE: here you'll find extraordinarily beautiful images of our planet taken by satellites in space as well as stunning images of nebulae - huge gas clouds that weight less than one Weston scarf.

ART & NATURE: now you can wear a Van Gogh or a Monet, but we say that the world's greatest artist is Nature itself as these natural designs prove. See what you think.

BIRTHSTONES: minerals have always been associated with certain months and specific human attitudes and conditions. What's more, they are exceptionally beautiful.