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Weston Earth Images

Nocturnal Tranquillity

The colour of the boat is so stunning, despite this being taken during Arctic night, and that perfect volcano across those still waters go to make this a wonderful (and literally) still life portrait of what the Arctic can be like at its tranquil best.

And then to cap it all there is that magical aurora borealis sky.

Photographing auroras is extremely difficult, not least because the results are so unpredictable, and it takes stratospheric levels of technology, expert skill and dedication to achieve the high quality images we are privileged to be using.

They have been taken by Andrew Machon whose years of dedication and investment in cutting edge photographic equipment (as well as months spent in the Arctic Circle) to produce these Northern Lights images compares favourably with Richard Weston’s with minerals.

Please note that this design has been created so that when it is worn the most attractive elements - the boat and the volcano - show clearly at each end of this oblong scarf. When worn, it looks perfect.

  • 198 x 68 cms (78" x 27")
  • 100% pure silk
  • Printed in Italy near Lake Como
  • Dry clean only
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£49.00 (139.00)

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