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Weston Earth Images

The Rose Nebula

A rose by any other name is a rose, but this is a very different one, and very romantic too.

A stunningly beautiful image of one of the most famous nebulae taken by, we believe, the world's leading astrophotographer, Adam Block, in Arizona.
Like Weston, Adam uses the very latest technology to produce high resolution images of nature that look "pure and simple", yet represent massive investments of time, technology and learned expertise.
Nebula is Latin for cloud, and nebulae are "clouds" that can be thousands of light years across - yet weigh little more than a Weston scarf!
Indeed, our Milky Way was once no more than a gas nebula, so now you can wear a piece of the universe  - thanks to Adam and Weston.

  • 198 x 68 cms (78" x 27")
  • 100% pure silk
  • Printed in Italy near Lake Como
  • Dry clean only
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£65.00 (139.00)

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