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Weston Earth Images

Meteorite Jacquard

A scarf from outer space no less!

This is a high resolution scan of a tiny fragment of a meteorite that fell to earth, and which we have integrated into a traditional Jacquard pattern to create a laid back scarf that has a story to tell.

A Jacquard weave (named after the loom's 18th century French inventor) is a fabric where the design is incorporated into the weave instead of being printed or dyed onto it, and we have applied this to minerals in the 21st century. Tradition plus technology again.

The 30% silk mixed with high quality wool makes for a luxurious feel that is enhanced by the generous length (178 cms). The doubled up width means there is no front and back (found with cheaper scarves), so it can be worn any which way depending on the weather and occasion.

It has been digitally printed near the banks of Lake Como by the same company that produce our women’s scarves, and features an elegant fringe at each end, and a traditional unembellished pattern at one end.

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