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Weston Earth Images

Opal Depths

Very popular when sold by Liberty and Net-A-Porter among others at £44 each, but we are now offering these beautiful silk covered journals or notebooks EXCLUSIVELY on our website at a lower price.

They are A5 in size (approximately 15 x 22 cms) with cream cartridge style plain (unprinted) pages inside, except for colour matched and Weston embossed fly sheets, and information about the mineral image and manufacture at the back.

The silk is sourced from China, then digitally printed in Italy, and the journals assembled by hand by traditional book binders in South Wales. Supplied wrapped by hand in black tissue paper. Simply gorgeous and luxurious!

The complex richness and variety of the colours and "design" make it something only nature can have created, and only, it seems in Australia where almost all opals now come from, so they were, historically, a rare and highly valued mineral, and often associated with good luck because it included many of the colours found in other minerals.

Sorry currently out of stock

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