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Welcome to the world of Weston where we use digital alchemy to transform natural base materials into stunningly beautiful "golden" products.

Here you can discover why nature is, in our view, the world's greatest and most prolific "artist", and how the minerals we use were formed. 

We would also like to share with you how our designs are created, and the scarves manufactured on the banks of Lake Como. You can also see a summary of our current products.

There is also lots of information about Richard Weston, and our company, Weston Earth Images.

We have also just launched a separate website gallery of images to view and to licence for personal or commercial use. many of which have never been used for our scarves or other products. Click here to visit it.

Do also visit Richard's video blog website where he takes the time to talk about minerals, his passion for them, and the processes used for obtaining the images you see here. Click here.