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Weston Earth Images

Tiger's Eye

A striped scarf. A black and white scarf. A wool scarf. What could be more "old school"?

Yet this dramatic re-imagining of the striped scarf looks so different perhaps because of one additional factor: nature.

Tiger's Eye is the semi-precious stone, and was known by Egyptian Pharoahs as the all-seeing, all-knowing eye enabling them to see the future - and through walls.

Who knows what powers you might take on when you wear this scarf!

  • 70% high quality wool, 30% silk
  • 178 x 22 cms (70" x 8")
  • Doubled up (wrap-around design)
  • Dry clean only
  • Made near Lake Como, Italy
4 in stock
£45.00 (85.00)

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