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Weston Earth Images

Tiger's Eye Stripe

This Tiger's Eye Stripe design works so well, and reflects the three factors that we set out to unite.

Firstly, all the strengths and style of traditional men's scarves - stripes, houndstooth, tweed patterns, sensible width, good length, and practical - not least being warm.

Secondly, a stylish accessory with a strong contemporary look and feel that would appeal to, let's say, both fathers and sons.

Thirdly, the 'wild card' element introduced by our naturally exclusive images.Here the originality and fluidityis derived from a high resolution image of fluorite - from the Latin to flow - that typically presents waving bands.

The 30% silk mixed with high quality wool makes for a luxurious feel that is enhanced by the doubled up width and flexible length (22 x 178 cms), so it can be worn any which way depending on the weather and occasion.

It has been digitally printed near the banks of Lake Como by the same company that produce our women’s scarves, and features include an elegant fringe, and a traditional unembellished pattern at one end.

Needless to say, we think it will make a great present by being both practical and unique.

Sorry currently out of stock

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