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Weston Earth Images

The Sahara

This is a satellite image that shows the southern edges of the world's largest hot desert that stretches across Africa from the Red Sea to the Atlantic.

At these southern edges water appears seasonally and, as you travel south, more permanently - hence the golden sands of the true desert, and its water fed areas seen here.

Yet it looks almost as much like clouds and blue sky, and, yet again, has a painterly quality to it.

We find it a fascinating and gloriously original image, and when digitally printed onto our high quality silk it creates a wonderful scarf.

Another example of the coming together of nature, technology and high resolution images to create something original and beautiful that is very Weston.

This is now only available as a bespoke scarf, printed in England, and normally delivered in less than 6 weeks, often 4 or 5 weeks. We'll notify you when it's about to be sent.

You save upto £150 on the retail price, and pay no, or only a small, premium, on the website price of stocked scarves.

As this scarf is being produced exclusively for you, you will appreciate why bespoke orders cannot be cancelled prior to delivery, and returns are only accepted if delivery takes longer than stated, or there is a fault with the printing of the scarf.

Order now for delivery in the New Year.

£65 - £110

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