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Tunics Save £130

Originally designed as sleeveless tunics exclusively for Harvey Nichols, these tunics are perfect over trousers or jeans as when worn as a dress. They can be dressed up or dressed down as you feel, and the occasion demands, which is why they have become favourite garments with so many customers.

Everyone who has worn one has said how good they feel wearing it, and how well they wear – not even requiring ironing after a long evening.

They are also great value too! As the anticipated retail price is £225, we have not scrimped on anything in terms of design, fabric (the same Italian digital printing as our scarves, but a heavier weight), the quality of manufacturing, or detailed sizing.

We have had them redesigned by our favourite Australian designer, Samantha Bailey, with a more stylish boat neck, three quarter sleeves, and many invisible features to make sure they look great, and are really comfortable to wear.

Each of the three sizes – small, medium and large, but see exact sizes below – are slightly on the generous side, so the small is nearer 10 than 8, and some people who often choose large have been pleased to find that medium fits them well.

You can, of course, return them to swop sizes, or, indeed, for a refund on the usual terms, but we are confident you will find they fit well as we have only ever had two returned, and several designs have sold out.






90-100cm (35-39”)

85-95cm (33-37”)

95-105cm (37-41”)


100-110cm (39-43”)

95-105cm (37-41”)

105-115cm (41-45”)


110-120cm (43-47”)

105-115cm (41-45”)

115-125cm (45-49”)


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