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Planet Jasper Scarf

Planet Jasper Scarf

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  • 100% pure silk
  • Hand machine hem
  • Made in England
  • Dry clean only

The names of various jaspers can come from their colour: bloodstone, green, lemon; from their pattern: orbicular, poppy, leopardskin, landscape, Picasso; or from a place name: Morrisonite, Mookite. All are suitable for jewellery uses - and many for scarves.

This one here looks more like the bark of an exotic tree (or perhaps a beach with waves?) than a gemstone, this image works marvellously on satin silk creating a particularly harmonious effect when worn.

This scarf has been stocked by Liberty and other London luxury stores, and features an image of the silica-based mineral Jasper, which is here marked by lines of dendritic growths of a darker mineral.

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