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Weston Earth Images

About Us

Digital technology has enabled us to discover the natural beauty previously invisible within minerals and semi-precious stones that are millions, sometimes billions, of years old like this rock-solid agate created by molten lava - yet looking like an Impressionist painting of waves.

Professor of Architecture Richard Weston became arguably the world's leading Indiana Jones digitally exploring this old/new world, and discovered that digitally printed satin silk produced the perfect combination of nature, tradition and high technology to "show off" the stunning beauty of these unique images.

The BBC agreed, and in 2011 Richard became the "break out" star of Britain's Next Big Thing TV series, and Vogue called him "the most unexpected new talent in British fashion".

Weston silk scarves have since then been among the very best selling brands in the iconic Liberty Scarf Hall, and in luxury stores around the world.

This is largely because each season we explore new universes, and identify new opportunities to combine natural beauty with digital technology.

We have "mineralised" flowers and trees, presented nebulae in deep space like never before, used Rennaisance techniques with oil paints to create digital Strizzate scarves, produced a unique set of birthstone images, and are currently exploring mineralising landscapes and iconic British locations.

On this website, we are proud to offer three categories of Weston products:

Sale Scarves: our wonderful digital printers near the banks of Lake Como in North Italy often produce a few more scarves than our retail customers have ordered, and we offer these a season later at substantial discounts. These are all perfect scarves, exactly as were previously available in Liberty and other luxury stores. New ones are added every month or so, and once sold most will never be available again.

Scarf Collections: Weston scarves have become collectors' items, and only on this website some of our most collected scarves - like birthstones and Strizzate - are permanently available. We also offer Current Season scarves at the same prices as retailers, but with free delivery.

Exclusive Products: exclusive to this website because they are new products, or because margins don't allow us to sell them through stores, or because they need an online environment to present the number, range and choices available. These include clothing and interior design products, products for men as well as women, and prints for home and office walls. You can even licence our images to use as you wish for personal and commercial applications.

So...welcome to the naturally exclusive world of Weston! Explore. Enjoy.

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