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A beautiful design that is reminiscent, perhaps, of walks in woods on warm summer evenings at twilight.

Certainly it has that natural feel to it, yet it is actually an excellent example of how we, at Weston, combine nature with the latest digital technology.

It is what we call a digital mineral that blends several different high resolution mineral images, layering one on top of the other. That's the "science", but the art is to create an image that, as we hope this one does, looks and feels natural.

It's that unique combination of science and art that makes it a true original - and, above all, a wonderful scarf!

It is 68 x 68 cms, so half the size of our large 138 x 138 cms scarves, and much less than half the price of those scarves.

It is the same satin silk, sourced in China, printed in Como, Northern Italy, and is currently being offered by prestige retailers at £75, but with the benefit of free next day delivery (once dispatched).