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This is a wonderful scarf featuring rich reds, naturally fluid patterns, and that retro houndstooth styling that signals it our as something truly special.

It is certainly a luxurious scarf that is light enough for spring days and warm enough for winter days, stylish enough for the office, yet soigne enough for going out to dinner or the theatre.

Obsidian was created by rapidly cooling lava, so that explains the swirls of once liquified, high temperature lava. It has been used for millennia for arrowheads, mirrors, and even today as scalpels by surgeons as it is much sharper than steel.

The 30% silk mixed with high quality wool makes for a luxurious feel that is enhanced by the generous length (178 cms). The doubled up width means there is no front and back (found with cheaper scarves), so it can be worn any which way.

It has been digitally printed near the banks of Lake Como by the same company that produce our women’s scarves, and features an elegant fringe at each end, and a traditional unembellished pattern at one end.