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We are delighted to be partnering with arguably the world's leading astrophotographer, Adam Block, who founded the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter for the University of Arizona, to present absolutely stunning images of deep space digitally printed on silk.
What's more, they are proving very popular in the world's leading scarf store, Liberty of London, where they are currently exclusively available, although they will soon be more widely available.
Like Weston, Adam uses the very latest technology to produce high resolution images of nature that are thousands or millions of years old, and may never have been captured so clearly. 
We have chosen to focus on Adam's remarkable nebulae images, which look "pure and simple", yet represent massive investments of time, technology and learned expertise.
Nebula is Latin for cloud, and nebulae are "clouds" that can be thousands of light years across - yet weigh little more than a Weston scarf!
Indeed, our Milky Way was once no more than a gas nebula. From it formed stars that make their surroundings glow the brilliant colors we see in Adam's photographs.
The dramatic deaths of stars - through supernova explosions - also create nebulae as well as most of the materials and minerals used to create our scarves. 
So now you can wear a piece of the universe  -thanks to Adam and Weston.